Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Morning

I love Saturday mornings. Especially Saturday mornings that are right in the middle of an eight-day vacation. Otherwise, I'm generally too tired to enjoy them.

This morning almost turned out that that anyway. I was awakened at barely 5am by the Little One who woke up for no good reason:
"Is it morning yet?"
"No, go back to bed."
"I can't, I'm thinking of scary things."
"Well, think about nice things. Like your birthday party. And go back to sleep."

Finally, after much tossing and turning and whispering, "Is it morning now?" she goes back to sleep.

Then the dog starts scratching to go out. It's 5:30am. Then Little One has to pee. She gets up and goes to the bathroom, comes back, "Can we get up now?"


FINALLY, after everyone has had their pee and gone back to sleep, dog wrapped around my feet and small child with various appendages draped over my body, until it must look like some skirmish just mysteriously decided to fall asleep on top of me. Despite the big pile on top of me, I fall back asleep.

7:30 am comes and the dog wakes me up again. Apparently the quick 5am pee was not enough to hold him over any longer. The upside to all this is that after a groggy but proper walk, I am awake alone in the house. Alone to enjoy my tea, toast with soy spread and Inside Washington without familial interruption. Also, I get to work a little bit on the umbilical cord I'm making for a certain new baby.

The family must wake up eventually. Here is our fabulous Saturday wake-up smoothie:

Almond Banana Smoothie (disclaimer: this is not quite as thick as a smoothie, but still very yummy).

  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 banana
  • little bit of vanilla extract. I use half a cap-full, but for detail's sake we'll say 1/2 teaspoon
put the above into a blender and blend until there's not great big ice chunks in it and it's frothy. The small child loves it. It's gluten- and dairy- but not taste-free. 

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